Dr. Martens

Dr Martens, popularly known as "DMs" were conceived because Dr Marten of Munich, Germany owned a garage full of inventions one of which included the sole of a shoe that was almost completely made of air. At the same time in Northampton, UK, the Griggs family were making footwear of high quality. Through a magazine advert, apparently the two sides arranged to meet. And they got busy creating the legendary label we have come to love and respect.At first their efforts were adopted by the British working class, milkmen and factory workers, but as they gained in popularity they were joined by youth movements and rebels from the fringes of society.

The Skin Heads were the first subculture to employ Dr Martens as a wardrobe staple in the early 1960's. Initially the group were famed not for their racism but for their obsession with fashion. The late 60s saw the brand embraced by nearly all the ‘tribes': ska, mods, psychobillies, grebos, grunge.....Recently they have regained popularity partly due to endorsements from high level collaborators like the sublime joint effort with Raf Simons who referenced minimalist American contemporary artist Carl Andre. Also the more laid back Stussy Delux a blend of US And British workwear inspirations which prove that the brand continues to cross unknown boundaries just like its founders.